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Monday, July 26, 2010

A little beach beauty

I have wonderful clients!
Ms. Peg is at the top of my list.  She is a kind and wonderful soul, and she deeply loves her family.  Especially her granddaughter. I have created some pieces for her in the past, wedding and shower gifts and Christmas too.  But none are as special or as inspiring to work with than this little beach beauty.  

Original snapshot at the beach

The first of the designs
8" x 10" in seaside tones

Second design created as an 8" x 8" to be matted or mounted and framed

And last but not least.  
An 8" x 8" to be matted or mounted and framed

When Ms. Peg makes her decision I will share the final piece. 
These are still works in progress.  They bring me so much happiness to create!

Let us know if we can take your precious images and create a
treasured keepsake for you or a personal gift too!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A little creative fun

My son, Ian is 16.  Wow, where does the time go?  Anyway, he is a good kid, responsible hard working (works for Mom) and smart too.  We are really proud of him.  But he is a boy and love all the electronic toys, games, phone, texting.  Any of this sound familiar?  

Ian and his crew of friends

Most of the boys have been friend since elementary school.  One ingenious dad found out about a Crazy Cardboard boat race in our town.  Fun huh?  The little creative fun kept the boys occupied and off the computer and games too!  There were some very imaginative boats!
Amazing detail in the Pirate ship! 

Taking "Lola" (their boat) to the water

Four large boys + Lola = sinking off the dock 

Ian calling for an SOS 

Pour Lolo...she will be missed

We already have plans for next year's event.  Designer Tee shirts, a new boat design for sure..."Lola" #2?  Time will tell.  Perhaps Dad can design and create his dream sail boat?

Some serious "Bedrock" competition

All in all their cardboard boat project made for one fun and creative summer afternoon!    

Graduation Gems

I know, all of the graduation parties are over.  But I wanted to share a few great gift ideas that can be easily adapted for any special occasion.  I am very excited for this direction and will post new designs for other occasions.  We just had our family photographs taken by a very talented team  I think I will be using them to design our family Christmas cards...hummm. 

Personalized college for High School Grad

Custom High School graduation announcement card

Custom High School Graduation Print 5 x 7 matted