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Monday, October 25, 2010


Webster's defines "Courage" as:
Mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. 

"Courage"  Mixed acrylic piece. 
Available in print, canvas and stationery.  E-mail us for details
I know courage parents and dear friends are "Courage"s defined.

This month we know as breast cancer awareness.
My mom was diagnosed with "it" over five years ago.  We celebrate as she is in remission. 
Though it has taught my sister and I to take it seriously and get regular testing.  

"Heart" mixed acrylic piece. 
 Available in pint, canvas and stationery.  Email us for details

Both my parents were smokers. 
It looked so glamours when we were kids to watch them or the beautiful actors on the TV. 
I remember my sister and I pretending one day in the cold morning air with candy imitations.  One of the neighbors saw us and told my mom.  It's a memory, but I remember knowing then that I would never smoke. 
I saw it's ugly hold on them and am thankful when they finally broke free of it's steel like grip.

When my Dad was diagnosed in the spring of 2009 with stage 4 lung cancer, we were all heart broken.  Dad was a baker working with flour everyday for most of his career.  Combined with smoking had developed CPOD and has been living with it for many years. 

"Learn"  Mixed acrylic piece.
Available in print, canvas and stationery.  E-mail us for details.
 As with my family and dear 'Couragous" friends, we cherish each day. 
It has breathed renewed life into our commitments and priorities. 
I find my passion to express and relate is by creating. 
All of my works and collections are apart of me and "Courage" is the dearest. 
The colors chosen in this initial works represent the different cancers that affect my family and friends today. 
The words, quotes and art were carefully choosen to inspire all living with "it" to remember their strength, grace and wisdom.    

"My friend"  Mixed acrylic piece.
Available in print, canvas and stationery.  E-mail us for details!
 Pink:  Breast, Black:  Melanoma, White/pearl:  Lung and Lavender for all cancers. 

I pray for a cure for all families and people living with cancer and hope this
collection will help remind them along the jouney that they are not alone.  

I love you Mom & Dad with all my heart.  
Thanks to my dear friend, Ms. P. for asking me to share. 
I am humbled by all their courage.  

xoxo, Darla

Monday, October 18, 2010

My habit of being

I must admit I have let my old habits pull me recently. 

There is comfort in old non effective patterns.  Not all the best intentions and methods are time well spent.  I am listening to LOUD hints for change.   I am a BIG believer of constant improvement and see this is one of the first steps.

I also believe you learn from your mistakes, they make you wiser.

"Autumn Leaves" Photo Art available in Print, Canvas, Art Panels & Stationery.  Please contact Studio for details.

I choose to make new & improved habits both personally and professionally. 
Continuing to listen to the whispers in my soul and conversations from friends and foe alike. 

I will make me a better being. 

So today I am writing + creating again. 

Something is directing me "loudly" to share.  

As an artist, I will create because I have meaningful art to offer. 

Live in the moment and put what is most important to me first.  

"Leaves Change" Photo Art available in Print, Canvas, Stationery, Art Panel.  Contact our studio for details.

I will grow wiser and continue to learn.  And practice better habits...of being.  

~ Committely Yours, Darla    

Monday, October 11, 2010

Autumn Blaze

I love the change of season...fall is one of my personal favs! 

The weather is crisp for snuggly sweaters.  

Apples ripe for ciders and pumpkins at doors ready for carving.  

And all the leaves turn to burnt orange, ochre yellow, red and browns.

"Fall's flora" available in Canvas, Prints, Stationery.  Contact Studio for details 
In celebration of this wonderful warm season I am adding some new additions to my  collections. 

I hope you like them.
"Autumn Blaze" Available in Canvas, Prints, Stationery.  Contact Studio for details.

I am working on some new holiday designs for all your holiday gift giving.

Tis' the season!
Enjoy this lovely fall weather. 

Don't miss each day as the colors change and the leaves fall.  

Warm fall wishes, ~Darla