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Monday, August 30, 2010

Something borrowed, something blue

I love weddings!  Anniversaries and special birthdays too!  A fresh new chapter to celebrate.  I have been blessed to create custom wall art to capture a those very special moments.

So a client calls for to have a piece commissioned.  We set up a design consultation.  Typically they take 30-45 minutes.  The customer brings their invitation for inspiration.  We discuss options , size mediums.  Such as canvas, prints, framing and art panels, stationery, etc.  Colors are important, where it will go in the house, are we matching the invite or the recipients favorite colors?  And anything else special or meaningful to the recipient(s).   

There is so much to this design thing than most are aware of! 
Here is an example:        

A customer's invitation for a wedding 
The design created to capture their special day

A close up of the mounted art on a custom designed background. 
Details in the flower designs. 
Every custom is signed of course, because it is an original.  Just like them!

11 x 14 Framed mixed medium Custom on archival paper $95.00
The completed piece framed and ready for it's new home.  

Let me know if you have a special occasion coming up. 
I would be happy to create a treasured piece for you!

TTFN, Darla  

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Something about art class

I love to learn.  Really, I do.  My kids roll their eyes, but I am geeky that way.  Especially anything about ART!  So when a dear friend asked if her talented daughter could come to the studio to see and possibly play, I happily accepted. 

We had so much fun!  All the kids came and my daughter too!  So we had a little class.  I prepped for it (but not too much).  Because I have an idea.....I will share I promise.  I just received a message from my friend saying her beautiful little girl wants to know when she is coming back to Ms. Darla's for art class.  What a warm feeling! 
Now that I am listening to my heart more, I see what I have been missing. 
So watch for more to come!

Have a colorful day! ~ Darla  

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Small Business...BIG Dreams

Melissa is my friend, mentor and client.  She has owned different business' in her entrepreneurial career. 
We have been business colleagues for years.  

Girlfriends Coffee Design by Darla Kirchner Designs, LLC

She owns La Crema Coffee & Roasting Company in West Chester, Ohio near IKEA.  Only the best coffee ever!  The aromas are amazing!  My favorites are ALL the chocolates (of course).  

If you are in the area, visit her shop. Not local visit her online shop at

Small business BIG Dreams logo by Darla Kirchner Designs, LLC

Melissa is a wealth of business knowledge and is passionate for helping other small business owners.  If you have a business or an idea for your business, I invite you to listen to her new radio show.  All the information is on the logo or go to her website 
I am excited to be a tiny part of her BIG dream.  

I so appreciate having her in my life!

PS.  After Melissa's big first show she called me.  We had a fun discussion about it all and celebrated in our excitement.  Now that I have a "famous friend" I shamelessly asked if she would allow me to interview her.  To pick her incredible brain so I could share it with you.  I know there are some who are already have their business, some planning and some with a dream.  I am honestly delighted to share my friend experience and passion with you.

Talk soon,


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Such a glamorous Artist life I lead

Sometimes I think people have the perception that all artist have a glamorous life. 
We get up, take long walks to be inspired.  Then wonder into our gorgeous two story studios which are drenched in natural light.  All to paint and create beautiful pieces.  Sigh...wouldn't that be wonderful!  Many customers have said, "wow you are so talented, it must be wonderful to be an artist and your own boss". 
It is...and it's hard and demanding with long hours. And still I love what I do, it is who I am! 

Last weekend my husband Joe and I packed our SUV and headed up to Yellow Springs, Ohio to participate in their Village Artisans Show.  At 7:00am it looked like we were going to be a nice day.  By 10:00 am it was 90 degrees and by 10:30 we were dripping.  Literally.  
I was not feeling very glamours then! 
Since I am focused on being positive and seeing all the good things in life, I have to share them too!  Yellow Springs is a wonderful Hippie, bohemian town.  A flash back to the 60's Y.S. is very laid back and artsy.  My kind of small town!  The people were so friendly and helpful and the artist works amazing.  We will come back, dear Yellow Springs!

Wall mural in Yellow Springs

And when the big black clouds came rumbling in, with streaks of lightning bolts,  I must confess I did a little happy dance in my head.  The temperature dropped about 15 degrees, the wind was a welcome fan and every artist around did not rush to dismantle their wares.  Quite simply I believe we all were enjoying the cool rain.  And it did come down...
I think I saw a few cats and dogs too :)

Joe and I took our time packing.  We happily got into our SUV wet and drove home all the way in the pouring rain.  And to think my husband actually said, "when do you want to do it again?" Perhaps the Sunflower Show in September will be a bit more captivating. 
At least it should be fun and I hope cooler by then! 

Ah the alluring life of an artist....unpacking, repacking...on with the show! 

I hope you have a wonderful and dry weekend!  ~ Darla

Monday, August 16, 2010

Always a student

I am so excited about my abundant-creative-wisdom class (have to create a name for it :).  Each morning I get up, let Wrigley out, start the coffee and gather my books. I try to incorporate what I learned each day and apply as much as possible to my day. It is amazing how when you listen, the universe does whisper to you. The question is are you ready to hear.

I  am so excited about my new happy journey.  I share it with everyone near to me.  Some are happy for me, some accepting and some wonder what I am drinking!  I would love to say I am high on life most of the time.  But lets be real, life sometimes gets in the way.  I am learning it is how you respond.  Up until a few months ago I wasn't such a happy focused person.  But now I am REALLY trying to be just a better me.  I am starting from the inside out.  So each day I get up and start my day in the right direction. 

Now I have to add another time!  I HAVE to work on some new pieces.  What is stopping me?  I am such a planner (remember I am a Capricorn).  I WILL carve out time to PLAY, paint and create.  I will NOT work on the laundry, accept a new project for the extra income or "research" on the computer.  Does this happen to anyone else?  
Please tell me I am not the only procrastinator here!

I will start tomorrow after "my ACW class".  I have some sketches started from my recent journal entries.  I will create a rough and share with you in my next post.  There I said it!  Since last weeks journals I have incorporated being more FEARLESS and just added COURAGEOUS to my list to "BE".  Similar, I know.  But as as Sarah B. of Simple  Abundance says,  "Have the courage to create"
...I think I will!  

Until then, be fearless and enjoy the little moments in life!   ~  Darla      

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A little beach beauty complete

I wanted to share with you the selected piece Ms. Peg choose to be completed.  
She has been on my mind lots of late.  She is a wonderful soul. 

Close up of top of piece.  (Sorry I took image after it was under glass, Oops).  

She asked me to create this to bring her happiness in some trying times. 

Close up of bottom Right of piece.  Raised and mounted mixed medium. 

I truly hope it brings her joy.

Mixed medium photo art mounted and framed.  12" x 12"

I know creating this little beauty has brought me joy! 
I would love to know what brings you joy...please share. 

Have a wonderful week!  ~ Darla  

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mixing it up is the only constant.  I have heard it for years and know it to be true.  Sometime it is difficult to see the need for change.  Sometimes it happens without our consent.  Sometimes it is a good thing.  

I took an e-course a few weeks ago from a fellow artist.  I love to learn, but never participated in an online course before.  It was like opening up Pandora's box.  Amazing, overwhelming, challenging, etc.  I have had Kelly Rae Robert's book " Taking Flight" for almost a year.  I opened it, scanned the pages, but never really read it.  Till now.  

You see I am on a journey of growing.  I am mixing it up.  I am teaching myself how to be a better me.  Changing.  So in the morning I start my coffee, let the dog out and hit the books.  My journal, "Simple Abundance", "The Four Agreements" and "Taking Flight".
Today in "Simple Abundance" Sarah Ban Breathnach talks about "A Net for Catching Days".  Create a plan, a "To Do" list.  So my plan is to blog once a week about my journey.  It may not make the front page news...but it will be under "categories" on the top bar.  I hope you come an join me.  Share your comments.  Go by the books.  I hope they will bring you joy...they are for me!     
If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten." 
~  Anonymous