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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Small Business...BIG Dreams

Melissa is my friend, mentor and client.  She has owned different business' in her entrepreneurial career. 
We have been business colleagues for years.  

Girlfriends Coffee Design by Darla Kirchner Designs, LLC

She owns La Crema Coffee & Roasting Company in West Chester, Ohio near IKEA.  Only the best coffee ever!  The aromas are amazing!  My favorites are ALL the chocolates (of course).  

If you are in the area, visit her shop. Not local visit her online shop at

Small business BIG Dreams logo by Darla Kirchner Designs, LLC

Melissa is a wealth of business knowledge and is passionate for helping other small business owners.  If you have a business or an idea for your business, I invite you to listen to her new radio show.  All the information is on the logo or go to her website 
I am excited to be a tiny part of her BIG dream.  

I so appreciate having her in my life!

PS.  After Melissa's big first show she called me.  We had a fun discussion about it all and celebrated in our excitement.  Now that I have a "famous friend" I shamelessly asked if she would allow me to interview her.  To pick her incredible brain so I could share it with you.  I know there are some who are already have their business, some planning and some with a dream.  I am honestly delighted to share my friend experience and passion with you.

Talk soon,



  1. Call in with your questions and thoughts during the show. I am sure Melissa would love to hear from you.