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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Something about art class

I love to learn.  Really, I do.  My kids roll their eyes, but I am geeky that way.  Especially anything about ART!  So when a dear friend asked if her talented daughter could come to the studio to see and possibly play, I happily accepted. 

We had so much fun!  All the kids came and my daughter too!  So we had a little class.  I prepped for it (but not too much).  Because I have an idea.....I will share I promise.  I just received a message from my friend saying her beautiful little girl wants to know when she is coming back to Ms. Darla's for art class.  What a warm feeling! 
Now that I am listening to my heart more, I see what I have been missing. 
So watch for more to come!

Have a colorful day! ~ Darla  


  1. It was such a fun concept and a wonderful experience for my daughters who are little art lovers, and for my son who didn't even know he was an art lover. We want more, more, more please!

  2. Thanks Michelle! Ask and you will receive, Let's compare our calendars and set another art date! I had SO much fun with them! I appreciate your little artist being my first "class" and am looking forward to offering more classes this fall. Art + Goodness = Happy students! I know you understand. Share with your friends and we will talk soon.
    Take care ~ Darla