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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Such a glamorous Artist life I lead

Sometimes I think people have the perception that all artist have a glamorous life. 
We get up, take long walks to be inspired.  Then wonder into our gorgeous two story studios which are drenched in natural light.  All to paint and create beautiful pieces.  Sigh...wouldn't that be wonderful!  Many customers have said, "wow you are so talented, it must be wonderful to be an artist and your own boss". 
It is...and it's hard and demanding with long hours. And still I love what I do, it is who I am! 

Last weekend my husband Joe and I packed our SUV and headed up to Yellow Springs, Ohio to participate in their Village Artisans Show.  At 7:00am it looked like we were going to be a nice day.  By 10:00 am it was 90 degrees and by 10:30 we were dripping.  Literally.  
I was not feeling very glamours then! 
Since I am focused on being positive and seeing all the good things in life, I have to share them too!  Yellow Springs is a wonderful Hippie, bohemian town.  A flash back to the 60's Y.S. is very laid back and artsy.  My kind of small town!  The people were so friendly and helpful and the artist works amazing.  We will come back, dear Yellow Springs!

Wall mural in Yellow Springs

And when the big black clouds came rumbling in, with streaks of lightning bolts,  I must confess I did a little happy dance in my head.  The temperature dropped about 15 degrees, the wind was a welcome fan and every artist around did not rush to dismantle their wares.  Quite simply I believe we all were enjoying the cool rain.  And it did come down...
I think I saw a few cats and dogs too :)

Joe and I took our time packing.  We happily got into our SUV wet and drove home all the way in the pouring rain.  And to think my husband actually said, "when do you want to do it again?" Perhaps the Sunflower Show in September will be a bit more captivating. 
At least it should be fun and I hope cooler by then! 

Ah the alluring life of an artist....unpacking, repacking...on with the show! 

I hope you have a wonderful and dry weekend!  ~ Darla


  1. It sounds like a special kind of glamorous life. Very beautifully written, I enjoyed it. Would love to see Yellow Springs.

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment. I think my writing skills are improving with practice...and spell check!

    Yellow Springs is a magical little tie dyed gem of a town!