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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hello Spring!

Hello Friends and hello Spring! 

Sorry I haven’t been in for a little while.  I took Spring Cleaning to a whole new level and decided to work on a few things…

First I started to redo my business plan…Yikes!…I know!  Crazy!  A constant work in progress!

Darla Kirchner Designs, LLC
Business Plan -2011

That lead to reworking my website and then my blog.  Which lead to lots and lots of research.  Am I making you tired yet? 

Be right back…out of coffee...

With my new found clarity, I began a body of meaningful pieces.  Some are what I is Coffee and then there is chocolate…ah.  ADD moment...I will more of that soon.  

Back to focus…

I promise to update you here with my new post while I am preparing my shiny new home.  You are always welcome to drop by as I settle into my new home.  It is truly is like a moving into a new home.  A little overwhelming…but good for me too!  Let me know your thoughts!   

 I better get back to work.  Then I REALLY need to do some spring cleaning in my actual home and studio...Lots of cobwebs there!  

Talk soon, 

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