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Monday, June 7, 2010

Fresh from the Farmer's Market

When I was 16 we moved from the city to the almost country.  Well I thought it was the country considering our high school was next to a farm...with real cows and sheep.  In fact they are still there!  

After college I moved to a small southern town then back north to the windy city and full circle back home.  A lot has changed here, but we still have that small town feel.  I took my daughter to the local farmer's market to be inspired and bring home some homemade goodies too. 

Irons Fruit Farm is a local farm with luscious fresh picked strawberries.

 I want some now...yum!

Arn't they beautiful?  Fresh from Gravel Knolls Farm

She was such a pretty girl!  This is how you wear orange and turquoise!

"Peaceful Acres" is located  in Martinsville, OH.  I am planning to visit this summer...I will share after my visit.  I am looking forward to lots of inspirations there!   
I love lavender...isn't it beautiful?  You can almost smell it.  Can't you?

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