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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Something about Simplicity definition is the state, quality, or an instance of being simple. 

 The freedom from complexity.

As I grow  from inside I am adding simplicity into my life. 

Into my home, into my business and into my art.  Cleaning house, studio and brain! 

It feels good, clean and honest.  So I started with my heart.

Being fearless is a big focus.

I think this is going to be some inspiration or used for it!

Which is leading to my house... 

The before image of the kids bathroom (crazy!)          After the nice, clean and did I mention clean?

One room down, 10+ to go!

 Which is is leading to my art + design...

Ta Da!  My most recent mixed medium collection.  A four part piece.

Okay perhaps not so simple but it is focused!  I needed to have something remind me to be better.  A better person, mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister.  I am re-reading the "Four Agreements".  I highly recommend it and receive daily inspirations from author Don Miguel Ruiz. 

 This new 4 part piece is what's to come.  Look closely, you will see words for self wisdom.   

I see prints, art panels, canvas...oh and stationery too!  What do you think?  Imagine what you can do when you do a little house/brain cleaning and establish some simplicity into your life.  

Now to name it...any suggestions, I am open to a few "simple" name options!

Fearlessly yours, Darla


  1. Awe, thanks Kristin! I am building lots of pieces for this collections. It is near and dear to my heart!