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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's wine a little...

Okay I admit it, I like wine.  Red wind is good for you, right?  But I like white wine too.  Recently I was introduced to Sangria (thanks Kim).  Yummy!  White wine sangria is my new spring + summer drink. 

I am not a lush, I just have a deep appreciation for wine.  Someday I will get back to the wine country of California with my husband, Joe.  Or go to Italy,  I want to go there anyway...until then I have my sangria and my wine!

So I paint about wine.  I have for a few years and am finding I am not the only one who appreciates adult grape juice.  My oldest friend loves wine too.  Probably more than me, well I know she does.  She has a shirt that says "Group Therapy"  I borrowed part of the quote for my work.  It was too cute and works too.  I found other quotes that work well too.  Customers have offered some great quotes.  If you have a great new quote, send it to me.

I just finished my newest mixed medium pieces for the wine collection.  What do you think?

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