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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just me...

Okay, I went to school for art...and not for journalism.  I am an avid reader, perhaps I should stick to illustrations for books, but this is for me.  My hope is if you are reading you take something away that will help you.  I so appreciate ALL the teachers of the world, perhaps one of my callings.  I love what I do and am having fun sharing a little bit of myself and my art.  I love words, quotes, texture, patterns and lots of color!  Little snippets of happiness, hope, and inspirations. 

So I am going back to school, the school of Simple Artful Abundance.  It is a one of a kind, self learning school.  I am the teacher and student learning to  The true me, authentic, pure good me.  Peel back the onion layer so to speak and seek happiness, abundance and calling as an artist, mother, wife, friend...Not always easy and I am making lots of mistakes.  But I get up, dust off and move forward.

Everyday is new, a fresh opportunity to "train your heart to listen" as Sarah Ban Breathnash of one of my class books states.  Funny I learned that today!  If you pick up "Simple Abundance"  follow along with me.  My goal is to read, learn and share from her, and the other great books I mentioned in earlier post.  

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend!

Be open ~ Darla

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